Cream’d Ice Cream

Personality meets dessert

Known for its famous “rolled” ice cream and its creative topping combinations, Cream’d Ice Cream required a reliable and scalable solution for its digital presence. The dessert specialists were looking for a web based platform to engage customers and help draw interest in their foodstuffs.

Over the period of 90 days, from the start of 2019, the Cream’d Ice Cream website has experienced a 248% increase in traffic and a 236% increase in website sessions. With 94.8% of traffic coming from mobile devices, the software solution is optimised for speed.

With several pop-up stores around Sydney and an ever-changing schedule, customers need to be kept informed of the pop up store’s location. The current store location is easily accessible from any page, presented as part of the menu. For content managers, the schedule can be set in advance, and the website will be automatically updated.

The design gives off the unique Cream’d vibes, and adheres to their primary and secondary colours. Typography is carefully set out to communicate a “fun” look, matching their brand image. Display fonts and cursive writing contribute to this atmosphere. Visuals take precedence over text, allowing photos of their ice cream to take centre stage. By letting the images do the work, dessert lovers are instantly engaged.

Being a content heavy website, the delivery and display of images is aimed to be highly optimised. Images are resized on the server before being presented to the client, greatly increasing the loading speed. Content managers can assign multiple images to a single element, to present them in a slideshow.

Cream’d Ice Cream also provides catering for numerous clients. The solution was to provide a dedicated landing page for potential catering clients, to help their marketing campaigns. A separate system for catering enquiries and a dedicated form has helped streamline the consultation process. The owners also wanted to showcase their impressive portfolio of clients, the likes of Commonwealth Bank, Hyundai and American Express; thus a flexible grid of logos was incorporated into the website. ​