I’m Delilah.

I’m a graduate/casual RA from UNSW with an interest in theoretical computer science and psychology. If your project is looking for someone with a bubbly personality, I’d love to hear about your projects — whether they are in the psychology and computer science fields, or something else altogether! 🎀

My software journey began with websites for small businesses and a timetable app 🕐 plus an access control system 🔑 for my high school. I would then state rank 🏆 in HSC Software Design, which consolidated my plans to study computer science. Now, I’ve helped architect a design system for a genetic diagnostic provider 🧬 and rebranded a site for tertiary healthcare education 👩🏼‍⚕️. I’ve also worked to establish a blockchain network as the backbone for Meta’s Novi Financial 💸. Lastly, I brought new environmental metrics to Arista networking devices 🌐 and I’m now moving to AI work at Microsoft.

At uni, I implemented telemetry and an experimental cross-compilation workflow for the world record breaking Sunswift 7 🏎️ to push the boundaries of sustainable automotive technology. I was awarded the UNSW Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Award twice for ranking in the top one hundred. Most recently, I was supervised by A/Prof David White and Dr James Dunn at the UNSW Forensic Psychology Lab 🧠 to measure representational space in face recognition deep convolutional neural networks using average faces.

I care about diversity and equality in STEM 🌈. If your workplace is not fully using gender-neutral language (e.g. in legacy documentation or ageing code comments), please consider putting up a wide-reaching PR to raise awareness! I’ve done exactly this during some of my previous work appointments 😇.