I’m Delilah.

I’m a graduate/casual RA from UNSW with an interest in theoretical computer science and psychology. If your lab could benefit from someone with a bubbly personality, I’d love to hear about your projects — whether it’s in the fields of psychology, computer science, or beyond! 🎀

My software journey began with websites for small businesses and a timetable app 🕐, plus an access control system 🔑 for my high school. This experience, along with placing a state rank 🏆 in HSC Software Design, solidified my decision to pursue computer science. Since then, I’ve contributed to a range of projects. I’ve helped architect a design system for a genetic diagnostic provider 🧬 and rebranded a site for tertiary healthcare education 👩🏼‍⚕️. I’ve also worked to establish a blockchain network as the backbone for Meta’s Novi Financial 💸. Additionally, I brought new environmental metrics to Arista networking devices 🌐 and have now transitioned to AI work at Microsoft.

At uni, I had the privilege of working on the world record breaking Sunswift 7 🏎️, where I helped implement telemetry and an experimental cross-compilation workflow to push the boundaries of sustainable automotive technology. My contributions earned me the UNSW Faculty of Engineering Dean’s Award twice for ranking in the top one hundred, recognising my dedication and passion for the field. Most recently, I was supervised by A/Prof David White and Dr James Dunn at the UNSW Forensic Psychology Lab 🧠 to measure representational space in face recognition deep convolutional neural networks using average faces.

I care about diversity and equality in STEM 🌈. In previous roles, I advocated for gender-neutral language in documentation and code comments. If you’re fostering an inclusive environment, you can check out my template for a helping hand 😇.